Facebook Audience Research Master Class - FB Mastery Series

The Ultimate way to research and find your Laser Focused Target Customer in any Niche at Facebook

The Facebook Audience Research Master Class is the First Part of FB Overall Mastery Series.

FB Overall Mastery Series Will Include around 8 to 10 Master Class which will be Published Month wise.

Like This Month We have Launched Facebook Audience Research Master Class and Next Month Target is Facebook Lead Generation Mastery Class , Next to Next Month Facebook Sales Conversion Master Class and Facebook Messanger Automation Master Class and so on.

Each Master Class will be Published independently with a gap of some time initially.

This will help less but quality content plus low price.

Facebook Audience Research Master Class

In this Master Class I will tell you the correct way to do research and find your Audience who is searching you to buy from you.

To Find Out Your Perfect Target Audience

You will figure it out in by asking 5 Questions in 5 Steps -

Step 1 – Why I see the Ads I See?

Here you ever thought that, why do you see ads on your Facebook timeline, News feed or messenger which are relevant to you only.

Step 2 – What are all my Ad Preferences?

Do you know Facebook automatically creates your ad preference on the behalf of you without telling you secretly J

Step 3 - What are all Data Facebook has and How does its Categories?

Facebook know everything about you. Basically, I can say Facebook Knows your better than you.

First, We will see what kind of data Facebook has and how Facebook does categories these data, which will help you to target the audience.

Step 4 – What Should be My Categories for My Target Audience?

Here you will find that your Target Audience categories. It is very important to find the perfect categories where your target audience resides.

Step 5 – How to Find My Perfect Audiences?

Now in this step, you filter out odds and find Laser focused Target Audiences whom you want to show your ads.

Watch First Introduction Video for FREE

This the Introduction Video which explain the Five Steps (F Ive Questions) Through which you can can find your Perfect laser Target Audience.. Please ignore Facebook Spell Mistake did by designer.

Your Instructor


Anamitra is the main spearhead of SquadNinja Academy.
He is an ex-TCS Employee who is very passionate about marketing.
As an online entrepreneur, he is always willing to share his knowledge.
He believes that by sharing knowledge, we can improve our skills efficiently.

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